W&W Astro digital four channel controller

£ 60.00

12V powered

4A fuse in the cigarette plug

Max 36W output per channel

Back clip



The digital four channel controller allows you to adjust output to four individual heater straps. It’s 12V powered. The power supply cable is 2m long. The cable is equipped with 4A fuse in the cigarette plug. Max power output is 36W per channel. Max output per whole controller is 48 W. Back clip helps to adjust the controller on the mount.

Each output can be set independently to the required output level. Very easy to operate – please follow the steps:

  • short press switches between channels,
  • long press activates channel power level mode. The channel power mode is adjusted by short press. Each light represents 25% of output power.

Once the power output level is chosen, long press of the button set the mode.